Why should I go on this tour?

The Holy Land tour is unlike any other tour of vacation you will take. The primary reason to visit the Holy Land is to strengthen your faith. This is the only place in the world where you can actually visit the sites where Jesus Christ was born, lived, died and rose again!

Another reason to go is to experience the sites. You can sail on the Sea of Galilee where many miracles took place. You can visit and pray in the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus prayed and at the Wailing Wall where millions come from around the world to pray.

Finally, You will never read the Bible the same way. Your study and worship will take on new dimensions. Now, you will have a visual to accompany your studies. You will literally “walk where Jesus walked.” 

Bonus: The Holy Land is an amazing lesson in culture, history, geography and religion. Jerusalem is the focal point of three religions: Judaism (81%), Islam (14%) and Christianity (2%). You can see and sense the differences in various cultures that co-exist there. This is a land that is very old, unlike America, it has relics and regions that have been preserved. One of the natural wonders is the Dead Sea, At 1,400 ft below sea level, the surface of the Dead Sea is the lowest place on Earth you can visit. It’s called dead because nothing can live in it. Salinity levels, or salt content, is more than 9 times that of the ocean. This means that you will float in the Dead Sea. There are also health benefits because of its mud, which has been used to treat psoriasis and other skin ailments. It’s also been used for general skin health and beauty treatments.


Is it Safe to visit the Holy Land?

We have had many groups travel to the Holy Land and we have never had an incident. That being said, Israel is a war-torn country. The strife dates back to the Biblical riff between Isaac and Ishmael. We never travel to areas where there are

Our ground team is extremely vigilant and will always do their best to protect you. However, it is advised that you stay with the group as we tour and limit your adventures outside of the tour! If you do decide to go out in the evenings, it is wise to make sure someone in the group accompanies you, or knows where you are.

According to, here are some things you should know regarding Israel:

Violent crime, other than terrorism and politically motivated violence, is rare.

Purse snatching, pickpocketing and petty theft can happen.

Theft from vehicles may happen, especially in beachside areas.

Cyber security

You may be at risk of cyber-based threats during overseas travel to any country. Digital identity theft is a growing concern. Your devices and personal data can be compromised, especially if you’re connecting to Wi-Fi, using or connecting to shared or public computers, or to Bluetooth.

What is the Cancellation/Refund Policy?

We hope that nothing will prevent you from taking this trip. However, should you need to cancel, your cancellation must be received in writing, via email, fax or by letter. It will be effective on the date of receipt. If you cancel your tour after you have received your documents and airline tickets, you must return them to Gospel Today Travel before we can process your refund. The following cancellations fees are only for  fixed departure date for general tours published on our site. Fees for custom groups and tours may be different, please contact your group leader/Gospel Today Travel office for details. You are responsible for the cost of any non-refundable deposits or fees, as well as any airline tickets that have been issued on your behalf plus the following cancellation charges per person:

Days Prior to Departure:                Charge:

91 or more                                     $150

90-61                                              $350

60-46                                              50% of total tour cost

45-31                                              75% of total tour cost

30 days – day of departure              No refund

Once the tour begins, there will be no refunds on missed or unused portions of the tour program.

How many bags can I bring?

Airlines are under financial pressure to offset the cost of rising fuel prices and many now charge excess baggage fees for checking one or more piece of luggage. Some are are even charging for carry-ons. Check with the airline selected for your tour to ensure that you are aware of size and weight restrictions. For Turkish Airlines, this link offers helpful guidelines. Gospel Today Travel is not responsible for any additional baggage fees charged by the airline.

What travel documents do I need?

A valid passport (valid for six months after the return date of the trip) is required to travel. Visa is required for US passport holders traveling to some destinations; please contact our office for details. All non-US citizens must contact the appropriate consular office for entry visa requirements pertaining to their trip. In addition non US citizens are responsible for complying with requirements for re-entry into the USA. Gospel Today Travel assumes no responsibility for procurement of passport or visas and is not responsible for any delays, damages and/or losses, including missed portions of your trip due to improper travel documentation. Obtaining and carrying these documents is the sole responsibility of passengers.

What tips should I be prepared for?

Each passenger should prepare to bring a cash total of $15 to $18 per day in tips to cover gratuities for porterage, bus drivers and tour guides. This is normally collected during the first part of the tour and presented by the leader at the end of the tour.

What Should I Buy in Israel?

There are unlimited opportunities to purchase souvenirs and momentos. You can buy things that cost $1 or several thousands! 

Here are some recommendations: 

  1. Souvenirs (silver, wooden, etc) that replicate the city of Jerusalem.
  2. Widow’s Mite.
  3. Olive wood carvings. (Recommend you purchase these in Bethlehem).
  4. Jewelry – replicas, unique designs or upscale (Depends on your budget). The diamond exchange is reportedly the largest in the world.
  5. Olive oil.
  6. Wine from Cana Wine Shop.
  7. Ahava skin care products from the Dead Sea store.


Helpful Info

Hotel accommodations are four-star premium properties. Rooms have private showers, tv, phone, wifi. The quoted price is for double occupancy (two guests per room). This means two single beds or one double bed (Couples).

Walking. Most tours include lots of walking. Prepare your body by exercising so you’ll be fit for it. Dress casual and comfortable and wear comfortable walking shoes! Check the weather before you leave. If you are physically challenged, need oxygen, wheelchair, or other ambulatory assistance, please notify us in writing at the time of booking. Scooters/Wheelchairs can be provided at extra fees. If you need someone to assist you, please make sure to have your assistant book the tour and prepare to travel with you.

Cell phone and Computer. Bring electrical adapters and computer adapters with you, Make sure that if you bring your computer, your adapter can accommodate your computer plug. (Most specify “middle east” or whatever country you’re traveling to). Electric current is 220; you will need a power converter to change current to 110 and an adapter to adapt the plug. Most of the time we have Wi-Fi (on the bus and in hotels). The exchange for Israel is +972.

Keep your passport with you at all times! Don’t set it down or leave it in the hotel. You do NOT need a visa to visit Israel.

Emergencies. Should you have any emergency situations, please make sure that you are aware of your medical insurance policies as it relates to overseas travel/treatment. Also, make sure that you share your emergency contact person information with your tour leader.