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Nearly 20 years ago, I was invited to cover a tour of various Christian pastors and leaders to Brazil. It was an amazing, eye-opening and invigorating experience! Then I visited the Holy Land–and my life and ministry was changed forever! I then toured South Africa; the culture was rich and beautiful! Yes… The “travel bug” bit me!  I love indulging in the experience of different cultures with different customs, foods and traditions.

Last year, I visited Greece and traced the “Footsteps of Paul.” Again…it was exhilarating! I now am formally opening the doors of Gospel Today Travel! This is for group travel of 10 or more! If your church group or “friend” community wants to experience the world and discover the various cultures in it.

I invite you to become part of the GTT club (no charge) and see when and where you can go to expand your horizons and explore the world! (Sign up today!) or contact us! email: gospeltodaytravel@gmail.com; or call 770.866.2427.

Experience Amazing Destinations

Egypt/Dubai – January 2024

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Greece/Rome “Footsteps of Paul” and More!

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